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OS 3.9 with AWeb-II v3.4SE and the v3.3-3.4 update patch!  NEW (Dec./2000)

The new Amiga OS3.9 package just released includes AWeb-II v3.4SE. Initial copies of OS3.9 did not include some of the additional language catalogs for AWeb as they were not ready when the first CDs were pressed. These catalogs are now ready and for those customers we are making the archive available as a separate file for download. It can be found in the Language Translations section of this page.

OS3.9 / v3.4SE Plugins Doc Index (24k, 31 Jan. 2001)  NEW - This archive adds updated pages and links to the OS3.9 / AWeb3.4SE docs to allow easy access to the various plugins included in the OS package. DO NOT use this with a full version of AWeb, you would loose access to most of the docs, it is ONLY for the limited Special Edition.

Also, for those customers that have purchased a full version of AWeb v3.x or the upgrade package for v3.3SE, we are pleased to release a free update patch to v3.4. Simply click on the link below to download the archive.

For more complete information on the latest version 3.4 of AWeb, click on this link to the Press Release.

For OS3.9 customers who do not already have a full AWeb package and wish to upgrade their AWebSE copy to a full version, see the info below under the OS3.5 / AWeb v3.3 section. The same procedure applies as we are still shipping v3.3 full version packages for now.

v3.3 to 3.4 Update Patch (843140 bytes, 22 January 2001)  NEW

AWeb Internal Image Plugins (22 January 2001)  UPDATED

- The GIF, JFIF, and PNG image plugins have been updated, see the "Plugins" section of this page for archive links.

- Updated index pages for the full versions online docs to provide access to the various plugin doc files.

Spanish Catalog for AWeb v3.4 (10487, 3 February 2001)  NEW

- A Spanish catalog set is now available in the "Language Translations" table on this page.

OS 3.5 AWeb-IISE Upgrades / New v3.3 copies Now Available! (March/2000)

v3.2 to 3.3 Update Patch (611576 bytes, 17 October 1999)

NOTE: This is an incremental upgrade from AWeb-II 3.2 to 3.3, you should only use this patch over an existing AWeb-II 3.2 install. You will also need the original AWeb-II 3.x disks during the installation.

Some of the new v3.3 features:

Here are all the other v3.3 updates: (Updated Aug.30/2000)

Previous Upgrades and Patch Files:

AWeb 3.2 Upgrade ARexx Script (4k, 12 July 1998)

3.2 Update Feature List

This ARexx script will help determine which version of the AWeb 3.2 patch file is required to upgrade your installed version of AWeb. Expand this archive to your hard drive (not to RAM:) and start it from within AWeb using the Start ARexx Macro command under the ARexx menu.
You must run the script while you are online, and it will give you a link to the correct update file to download from here. You will need your original AWeb 3.x disks.

New in this version (compared with AWeb 3.1)

Updated news.aweblib (4k, 12 July 1998)

For AWeb 3.1 or earlier. A new version of aweblib/news.aweblib for all AWeb 3.x versions, fixes the bug that prevents the posting of new messages to a newsgroup. For those who haven't upgraded yet, this file is also included in the current 3.2 patch archive,

Updated Danish (Dansk) catalog for AWebCfg (4k, 9 May 1998)

The current catalog has a nasty bug ("never" instead of "always" in the cookie settings).

AWeb-II 3.1 Patch File (680805 bytes, 14 Jan 1998)

Use this patch to update your AWeb-II 3.0 (or 3.0b) program to AWeb-II 3.1.

You must have installed AWeb-II version 3.0 (or 3.0b) previously before you can install this patch.

To install the patch, double-click the "Install-AWeb31" icon. The installation procedure will need the original disks from the AWeb-II 3.0 (or 3.0b) distribution. After installation, you will have to enter the registration number (found in the distribution) and your name again the first time you run AWeb-II.

New in this version (compared with AWeb 3.0b)


awebgif.awebplugin 1.11 (16k, 22 Jan. 2001)  UPDATED

The awebgif plugin for AWeb allows you to view all GIF images. Features include:

awebjfif.awebplugin 1.9 (40k, 22 Jan. 2001)  UPDATED

The awebjfif plugin for AWeb allows you to view all JFIF/JPEG images. Features include:

awebpng.awebplugin 1.9 (41k, 22 Jan. 2001)  UPDATED

The awebpng plugin for AWeb allows you to view all PNG images. Features include:

AWebNews Version 1.98 (58k, 17 Oct 1999)

An alternate external news client for AWeb by William Parker. Automatic decoding and display of files embeded in news articles. Compatible with more news hosts.

ClassAct for AWeb v3.3+ (229k, 22 Jan. 2001)  NEW

NOTE:- DO NOT use this with OS3.5/3.9 The new OS uses the ReAction verion of ClassAct which is included with the OS and updates to it.

This is the ClassAct archive from the AWeb v3.3 distribution. It is provided here separately as CA updates were not included in any of the AWeb update patches.

To Install:

FTPMount (46k, 28 April 2000)

An external FTP program by Evan Scott to complement AWebs internal FTP, which only allows for file downloads. FTPMount also allows file uploads, so you may want to use it if you require that capability.

HTTX 2.0 (89k, 17 Oct 1999)

A configurable HTML to TEXT converter, by Gabriele Favrin (E-Mail: - FidoNet: 2:333/726.8) with save/print/display options.

Play16 Version 1.7 (108k, 12 Jan 1997)

A freeware sound player by Thomas Wenzel that supports WAV, VOC, AU, MAUD, AIFF, IFF and many other sound formats.

ARexx Scripts

AutoSearch.awebrx Version 3.0 requires AWeb v3.2+ (9k, 15 Oct. 1999) by Gabriele Favrin (

AutoSearch.awebrx Version 2.4 for AWeb prior to v3.2 (6k, 19 Apr. 1998) by Gabriele Favrin.

This script enhances the AWeb 3.x autosearch function. Just by typing a string in the url field you can have access to following features:

AWebDL.awebrx Version 2.1 (5k, 22 Apr. 1998) by Gabriele Favrin (

This program allows you to download/save images and/or files avoiding the requester that AWeb usually displays. This is especially useful when downloading files from Aminet and other file archives.

AWebModes.awebrx Version 1.2 - requires AWeb v3.3. (38k, 15 Oct. 1999) by Gabriele Favrin (

Temporarily and quickly change various AWeb HTML, JavaScript, and operating mode settings on the fly from a brand new GUI window.

BandA.awebrx - Button and Animation Hot Swap by William Parker. (3k, 25 Dec. 1998)

Do you have buttons sets and animations for AWeb you have never tried because it is so tedious to exit and restart AWeb to see each change? Here's the solution.

Bank.awebrx - Button Bank Rotation by William Parker. (3k, 25 Dec. 1998)

Do you have more GUI buttons than you can display on your AWeb window? Now you can set up an unlimited number of buttons and access them easily! This script requires manual installation (see the docs).

CacheControl.awebrx Version 1.4 - requires AWeb v3.3+. (37k, 15 Oct. 1999) by William Parker.

A new AWNPipe GUI tool for advanced control of AWeb's disk cache and no-cache list, with additional maintenance features to allow selective purging of files from the disk cache either by age or size.

ChangeModes.awebrx Version 3.0 - only for AWeb up to v3.2. (3k, 23 July 1998) by Gabriele Favrin (

Change various AWeb HTML and operating mode settings on the fly from a GUI window. Use the new "AWebModes" plugin above for later versions of AWeb.

ClipLog.awebrx Version 1.5 - (3k, 5 Feb. 2001) by William Parker.

A tool for storing repeated clips from web pages in a single log file for later viewing, printing, or reference. This script was provided with AWeb v3.1 and later full packages, but not with earlier versions.

Note:- No separate install is available with this tool. However, if you have updated your AWeb-II Plugins doc index with the archive above in the AWeb v3.4 updates, just copy the ClipLog directory to your Plugins drawer and access the docs for directions on how to create a user button for it.

DropZone.awebrx Version 1.2 - requires AWeb v3.3+ (35k, 15 Oct. 1999) by William Parker.

Creates a Drag and Drop app-window/icon on WorkBench even when AWeb is already running on it's own private screen.

FTPlus.awebrx Version 1.12 - (8k, 5 Feb. 2001) by William Parker.

Enhances AWebs FTP capabilities with additional functions:

This script was provided with AWeb v3.1 and later full packages, but not with earlier versions.

Note:- No separate install is available with this tool. However, if you have updated your AWeb-II Plugins doc index with the archive above in the AWeb v3.4 updates, just copy the FTPlus directory to your Plugins drawer and access the docs for directions on how to create a user button for it.

ImageToy.awebrx Version 1.93 (5k, 6 Oct. 1998) by William Parker.

A small tool to explore and manipulate images within an AWeb window.

Netsearch.awebrx Version 1.2 (12k, 15 Oct. 1999) by Gabriele Favrin (

Enhanced query of multiple search engines with JavaScript functions.

ToolBar.awebrx Version 1.96 - requires AWeb v3.3+ (48k, 15 Oct. 1999) by William H. M. Parker (

Add a single floating Tool Bar to control all your AWeb windows. Automatically switches AWeb v3.3+ into full screen mode and hides the normal toolbar. Flexible positioning and sizing, pulldown list for user buttons, separate hotlist for most used sites, separate settings and menues. Now with bubble help and shift/alt multiple function buttons.

Translate.awebrx Version 1.91 (44k, 15 Oct. 1999) by William Parker.

A Language translation tool to use the website. Popup GUI to select the source of the text (clipboard, webpage, or interactive), and the languages to be used. Updated to comply with the new alta-vista format.

X-Viewer.awebrx Version 1.03 (3k, 20 Apr 1998)

by William H. M. Parker ( - Display images using AWeb's external viewer setting.


File Type(s) Datatype Version Size Cost  
jpg See the Aminet datatypes archive
gif ZGIF.datatype 39.18, 12 Jan 1997 7k Freeware readme
png See the Aminet datatypes archive
au ams.lha 42.1, 12 Jan 1997 16k Freeware  
  AMS  is a collection of datatype classes. It includes a Sun audio datatype, an X-Bitmap picture datatype (though we recommend XBM_DT below), and an upgrade to the picture.datatype that provides better color remapping. These classes work with all Amigas and require a minimum 3.0 (V39).

Version 3.x Language Translations

3.4 Catalog Archive  NEW Bosanski, Catala, Czech, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Português-Brasil, Russian, Slovensko, Srpski, Suomi, Türkçe (147k, Jan. 22, 2001)
3.1 Catalog Archive Dansk, Deutsch, Íslenska, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Russian, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe (102k, Feb 3, 1998)
Ãeótina (Czech) 3.1 Language Catalog (10k, Mar 23, 1998)
Español  NEW 3.4 Language Catalog (11k, Feb 3, 2001)
3.1 Language Catalog (25k, Mar 23, 1998)
French 3.1 Language Catalog (10k, May 9, 1998)
3.0 Language Catalog (8k, Aug 7, 1997)
German 3.1 Online Documentation (142k, Oct 26, 1998)
3.0(b) Online Documentation (176k, Dec 9, 1997)
Greek 3.0 Language Catalog (8k, Sep 10, 1997)
Norsk 3.3 Language Catalog (10k, Aug 15, 2000)
Polish 3.2 Language Catalog (6k, Jul 25, 1998)
3.1 Language Catalog (10k, Mar 23, 1998)
3.0 Language Catalog (8k, Aug 7, 1997)
Português 3.0 Language Catalog (8k, Aug 27, 1997)
Russian 3.0 Language Catalog (8k, Nov 13, 1997)
This catalog requires a Russian font, such as the Xen font provided here.
Srpski (Serbian) 3.1 Language Catalog (10k, Mar 23, 1998)
Svenska 3.2 Language Catalog and Documentation - upgrade (64k, Aug 5, 1998)
3.1 Language Catalog and Documentation (222k, Feb 20, 1998)
3.0 Language Catalog and Online Documentation (164k, Oct 24, 1997)
No installer script included for the 3.0 archive, simply copy all the files over the existing docs and extras drawers.


Due to the Aweb product being public open source Amitrix no longer provides support for Aweb other than what is on the web site. You no longer need to register Aweb with Amitrix.

The shareware version of AWeb can no longer be registered.


Technical questions about our products can be sent to, sales requests should be sent to, Surface mail can be addressed to:

AmiTrix Development
P.O. Box 43008
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4M8

(We do not take orders or provide support via phone.)

Requirements for AWeb-II

The following hardware and software is required in order to install and use AWeb-II v3.x:

Upgrading from Older Versions of AWeb

We regret to say that supplies of the v2.x to v3.x upgrade package for AWeb-II have now run out after more than 3 years and this option has therefore been withdrawn.

Users of a demo version of AWeb-II can purchase the full commercial version from various dealers worldwide, or direct from AmiTrix. Contact us via email at ( for the current dealer closest to you. Remember to specify your location. For direct orders, see below for further information.

Upgrading from Other Browsers

Upgrading to AWeb-II is easy for users of other Amiga browser programs. AWeb-II will automatically recognize the TCP/IP stack you are using. If you are upgrading from IBrowse, AWeb-II is able to read your old hotlist directly. If you are upgrading from another browser which stores its hotlist as an HTML document, AWeb-II will be able to read it.

Ordering & Pricing for Version 3.x

Customer and dealer inquiries can be sent via email to, or by surface mail to the address listed below.


The price of New standard copies of AWeb-II on direct orders is:

The price of OS 3.5/3.9 AWeb-IISE v3.3 Upgrades on direct orders is:
(Note - these can be updated to v3.4 with the free patch at the top of this page.)

See the full AmiTrix Development price list for more information on our other products.

AmiTrix Development

NOTE: Direct orders require a Bank Draft/Money Order, Postal Money Order, or VISA card. (Sorry, no MasterCard!). For VISA orders, our bank requires either FAXED or MAILED card number, expiry date and signature. We do not recommend emailing credit card orders, also we do not accept orders by phone! All VISA orders are charged at the Canadian prices, exchange will be done by your bank, see your statement for actual amount.

We also have dealer contacts in many countries, contact sales for the location nearest to you. If your dealer does not know about us, please ask them to contact us for information. Thanks!

Page History

22 May 2005
- fixed broken links

5 February 2001
- Added Spanish catalog for AWeb v3.4, added ClipLog and FTPlus ARexx plugin scripts for customers with version 3.0/3.0b of AWeb which did not include them. More page cleanup and new link to history.

31 January 2001
- Added updates for limited Special Edition doc pages to index plugin docs, moved v3.3 plugin links and archives to the Plugins and Scripts sections, more page cleanup.

22 January 2001
- Replaced v3.4 update patch and catalog files with updated French catalog. Added updated AWeb image plugins, updated AWeb doc pages for plugin doc index for full version, and added ClassAct archive from AWeb v3.3. Some further cleanup and updates to Pricelist, Bug report, and Registration pages.

05 January 2001
- Revised Previous Updates, Plugins, and ARexx Scripts sections, expanded descriptions and feature lists, general cleanup for improved readability, also updated customer comments page.

29 December 2000
- Replaced v3.4 update patch and catalog files with fixed install for catalogs and revised Russian catalog. Updated FAQs file and added to update patch.

15 December 2000
- Added v3.4 and OS3.9 info, added v3.4 update patch and catalog files, new press release with v3.4 features.

30 August 2000
-Added new v3.3 Norsk catalogues, updated the Toolbar & Translate plugins, added a link to the revised mailing list page for the new list location.

11 May 2000
- Added updated AWeb banner. Minor updates and additions to various items descriptions. Major update of AWeb FAQs.

28 April 2000
- Added FTPMount back to Plugin section, previously removed by mistake. Minor updates, corrections and cosmetic changes to various items. Improved quality of v3.3 screenshot images.

14 March 2000
- Added AWeb-IISE Upgrade and v3.3 shipping info. Updated ordering info and pricelist, added v3.3 screenshot.